The DP400T is the reverse osmosis for professional use that best sums up the compromise between high flow rate and small size and it is also equipped with n 2 x 8-liter tanks (4 l) each to have even more water available in case of need. With its 4 membranes, in a very small space this machine is capable of delivering up to 400 liters per hour plus the water accumulated in its tanks. Thanks to its advanced electronics we can know directly from the app or on the display all the parameters useful for a professional use, from the inlet flow up to the outlet flow and the conductivity of the outlet water. The ease of maintenance, from the filter change to the membrane change, makes the DP one of the most competitive reverse osmosis on the market.

Flow rate at 25°C400 l/h
Flow rate at 15°C280 l/h
Membrane3012 - 500 GPD
PrefiltrationFC500 - 500.000 l
(Acqua ingresso potabile)
Inlet temperatureMax 35°C - Min 5°C
Nominal Recovery Ratio50%
Rejection92% / 95%
Input pressureMax 6 Bar - Min 1 Bar
Pump1000 l/h
Power supply220VAC 50Hz
Electric absorption500W
Connection3/4" BSP
Tank2 x 8 l (4l)
Weight42,4 Kg
Measures43,5cm x 55cm x H 44cm